International Forum "Business Bridge of Udmurtia"
  October 10 – 13, 2017
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Бизнес-мост в Удмуртии

October 10 – 13, 2017
Business Bridge
of Udmurtia
International Forum

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Business Bridge of Udmurtia

The forum is a platform to discuss and working out ways of developing production, investment, humanitarian cooperation between regions of Russia and foreign countries.
Alexander  Solovyev
Alexander Solovyev

I am happy to welcome you at the Joint International Forum of Udmurtia which has united traditional events: international business forum “Business Bridge of Udmurtia” and “Invest week Udmurtia”.


Udmurtia's Best

Udmurtia: Where the Kama River Starts
Made in Udmurtia: Eco-Friendly Children’s Furniture
AK: Standard of Reliability and Simplicity of Design for 70 Years
Izhevsk Pond: Biggest Man-Made Lake in Europe
Agriculture in Udmurtia: 9th Biggest Producer of Hard Cheese in Russia
Udmurtia: Birthplace of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, World and European Chamipion, Figure Skating
Izhevsk: Over 45 years of Navigation Equipment Design and Production
Udmurtia at the Olympics: Valery Medvedtsev, Biathlon
Made in Udmurtia: Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Udmurtia: Intersection of Two Branches of the Siverian Route
Izhevsk - Venue of the Annual International Festival of Circus Art
Udmurtia: Over 200 Years of Building Russia’s Defense Capacity
Udmurtia: Land of Water Springs
Made in Udmurtia: Oil and Gas Equipment
Udmurtia - Birthplace of the Pelmen
Izhevsk: Over 35 Years of Communications Equipment Design and Production
Udmurtia at the Paralympics: Vladislav Lekomtsev, Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon
Udmurtia at the Olympics: Galina Kulakova, Queen of the Ski Track
Made in Udmurtia: Superconductors
Izhevsk: Europe’s Easternmost Automobile Plant
Udmurtia: Where the Most Famous Grannies in World Live: the Buranovskiye Babushki
Robograd: Sixth Technological Wave Acting Model
Made in Udmurtia: 40% of Calcium and 20% of Zirconium Products for Nuclear Power Industry Made Worldwide
Bridge Across Kama River: First Regional Concession Project Implemented in Russia
Udmurtia: Swiss Landscapes in the Heart of Russia
Made in Udmurtia: 50% of Russian-Made Special Steels and Alloys
Izhevsk: Birthplace of the Unique Leonard Vasev Gunsmith School
Made in Udmurtia: Yarygin Pistol
Udmurtia: Birthplace of Russian Sledge Hockey
Izhevsk Zoo: One of the Three Best Zoos in Russia
Unmanned Systems: Udmurt-Based Group of Companies, a Skolkovo Resident
Agriculture in Udmurtia: 4th Biggest Flax Producer in Russia
Made in Udmurtia: Equipment for Yury Gagarin’s Spaceship
Udmurtia at the Olympics: Tamara Tikhonova, Cross-Country Skiing
Made in Udmurtia: Railway Automation and Communications Equipment
Udmurtia at the Olympics: Maxim Vylegzhanin and Dmitry Yaparov, Cross-Country Skiing
Made in Udmurtia: Extra Strength Nanosprings
Made in Udmurtia: Unique Fire- and Bioprotective Compounds
Made in Udmurtia: Quality Chipboards
Made in Udmurtia: Supercapacitors
Agriculture in Udmurtia: 3rd Biggest Producer of Dairy Equipment in Russia
Udmurtia: Rapidly Growing Regional Investment Climate Rating
Udmurtia at the Olympics: Ivan Tcherezov, Biathlon
Izhevsk: Arms Making Capital of Russia
Izhevsk Factories: Major Roskosmos Suppliers
Udmurtia: One of the Five Biggest Furniture Producers in Russia
Udmurtia: One of Five Principal Producers of Meat and Dairy Products in Russia
Udmurtia at the Olympics: David Bielawski, Gymnastics
Expo-2025 in Udmurtia
Izhevsk Circus: One of the Best in Russia and Europe
Udmurtia: Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Birthplace
Made in Udmurtia: High Performance UAVs
Izhevsk: Center of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s Birth Anniversary Celebration in 2019
Made in Udmurtia: Tor and Osa Air Defense Missile Systems, Iskander-M and Vikhr Missile Systems, Topol-M and Bulava Ballistic Missiles
Udmurtia: Unique Hunting Grounds

Udmurt Republic

The strategic goal of the state investment policy of the Udmurt Republic is the formation of popular and most significant for the development of business conditions of investment activity.
Investment attractiveness of the Republic determines the favorable geographical position , political stability , well-developed financial infrastructure , the availability of highly qualified personnel.